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St. Joseph
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Nitika Don Bosco has had a rather chequered history since its beginning. The School of Graphic Arts with its printing press and training centre was begun in 1976. The Catechetical Centre was inaugurated on 1 June 1977 with the name 'Don Bosco Catechetical and Multimedia Centre' (DBCMMC). In 1977, a two-year training course, the Magistero for Salesian Brothers, was also started here, and later shifted to Kalyani in 1982. In 1986 DBCMMC was re-christened with a Sanskritised name - 'Nitika', meaning "place of religious experience".

In 1990, the Don Bosco School of Graphic Arts was shut down and the a new printing school begun in New Delhi to take its place. From 1992, a non-formal school was opened at Nitika as part of neighbourhood services, including providing of scholarships, medical help, and some form of vocational training.

Today, Nitika Don Bosco houses a Catechetical and Social Communications Centre, the Provincial Youth Animation Centre, a Counselling Centre, the Social Development Office, a Sales Department for Catechetical and Audio-Visual material, and a Non- Formal Educational Centre, all in the same complex.

Address - 52, Radhanath Chowdhury Road, Tangra, Kolkata 700015

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