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Don Bosco Centers Celebrate International Yoga Day

Kolkata, June 21 – Don Bosco centers in Joypur, Barapahari, Nitika, Malbasey, Krishnagar, and Samthar enthusiastically celebrated International Yoga Day, emphasizing the profound physical and spiritual benefits of yoga. The event commenced with invigorating warm-up exercises, setting the stage for students to showcase a variety of asanas. Faculty, staff, and children received comprehensive guidance on achieving body-mind harmony, reinforcing the significance of yoga in daily life.

In a world dominated by fast-paced, technology-driven lifestyles, these centers highlighted yoga's crucial role in enhancing children's concentration and physical fitness. By fostering a culture of wellness and unity, Don Bosco centers are instilling the importance of holistic education and the pursuit of inner balance among their students. The day's activities were a testament to the centers' commitment to promoting well-being and nurturing a healthy lifestyle.

The enthusiastic celebration at Don Bosco centers underscored the importance of prioritizing well-being through yoga. Participants left inspired to integrate yoga into their routines, experiencing the ancient practice's lifelong benefits for health and inner peace. The event not only showcased the physical and mental advantages of yoga but also encouraged a communal spirit of wellness and unity, reflecting the centers' dedication to holistic development.


Mrs. Shatabdi Roy, Program Coordinator

DB Development office, Kolkata