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Three Kolkata Novices make their First Profession at Mount Bosco Padivayal

24 May, 2024, Waynad: In a significant and spiritually charged ceremony held at Mount Don Bosco, Padivayal, three novices from the Kolkata Province made their first profession of vows, marking a profound milestone in their religious journey. Nani Mardi, Nirmal Murmu, and Satish Saren, all hailing from Kolkata, were among the twelve novices who dedicated their lives to the Salesian Congregation yesterday.

The event, themed “Yours Alone, Jesus,” encapsulated the deep spiritual commitment of the novices. Fr. KJ Noble, the Director of Pre-Novices from the Kolkata Province, was present to support the three novices from Kolkata. His presence underscored the significance of the occasion for the Kolkata Province and highlighted the strong bonds within the Salesian community.

The ceremony was attended by a notable gathering of 60 priests and approximately 100 family members and relatives, who came to support and witness this pivotal moment. The presence of such a large contingent of clergy and family members added to the sense of community and spiritual solidarity, making the occasion even more memorable.

During the ceremony, each novice stepped forward to pronounce their vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. This act of devotion marked their official entry into the Salesian Congregation. The ceremony was imbued with spiritual fervor, reflecting the novices' commitment to serving God and humanity, guided by the teachings of Don Bosco and the legacy of Mary Help of Christians.

For the Kolkata Province, the first profession of Nani Mardi, Nirmal Murmu, and Satish Saren is a moment of pride and spiritual fulfillment. Their dedication and commitment serve as an inspiration to their peers and the broader community in Kolkata. The support from Fr. KJ Noble and the collective prayers from their families and community members provide a strong foundation as they embark on their new journey within the Salesian congregation.

As these novices begin their spiritual path, their journey signifies the enduring values and dedication that the Salesian way of life embodies. The event at Mount Bosco Padivayal not only celebrated their commitment but also reinforced the unity and support within the Salesian community, spanning from Kolkata to Bangalore.